Jannica Morton

Strategic Partner / Project Manager

About Me

Jannica Morton has over 20 years of industry experience working with all types and all levels of projects. Her focus at Denali is Project Management, Inbound Marketing, and Accessibility Compliance and Management of Development teams.

Janni is a certified expert in Inbound Marketing and a Partner Agency with HubSpot. She develops marketing vehicles that attract & engage prospects, converting them to clients.

As a marketing agency owner of The MindShift Agency (formerly Sites2Behold) for over 17 years, Jannica knows that brand messaging, the website and marketing campaigns need to focus on the target audience/user and the business goals more than the latest technology and design fad.

Janni gets bored with the status quo and loves to think outside the box; she is always looking for a challenge and has designed websites & apps along with Inbound Marketing campaigns from small mom-n-pops to large fortune 500 corporations and the US Air Force. She is skilled in graphic design, front-end web design/development, interface design, user experience, accessibility compliance, content and inbound marketing. She puts her experience to work on each of the projects she manages.

In 2015,The MindShift Agency joined forces with Denali Data Systems as a Strategic Partner.The MindShift Agency brings to Denali Agency, the three principles (herself, her cousin, Toni Wright and their partner, Camile Branin) in addition to a full web development team, SEO team and an inbound marketing team.

Throughout high school and college, Jannica worked in customer service and marketing for a real estate company, credit union, sports center and large fortune 500 company. She holds degrees in Business Management & Computer Information Systems, along with several marketing, project management and programming certifications.

She is a Mentor, Director of Marketing and Co-Founder of Makarios Community School, a Democratic/Free school in Grapevine, Texas. It is the ONLY school of this kind in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex offering classes for ages 5 to 18. She has an innate desire to help the next generation find where their passion and their talents intersect and then to encourage that development.

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PH: (817) 372-2250
Email: jannica@denaliagency.com

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