John Zoltai

Sr. Systems Analyst

About Me

As a veteran at Denali for 18 years, John specializes in translating complex technical concepts into understandable layman’s terms as well as presenting business and regulatory concepts in terms familiar to information technology (IT) practitioners.

Known as an expert in information systems implementation and management, John provides consulting, audit, and litigation preparation / response services for non-IT managers and executives as well as development teams.

With over 30 years of software development and engineering projects under his belt, John specializes in the analysis, design, and management of business process automation projects, typically involving custom interfaces (web and rich client) to a database back end running Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and so forth.

John is the author of the Shell Method; the only published methodology template with a full, auditable online software engineering process repository and associated templates. Shell Method templates have been used by information systems developers and consultants worldwide since 1999.


  •  Business Analytics
  •  Project Manager
  •  Team Leader
  •  Oracle
  •  SQL Server
  •  MySQL

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