Tim Toonoka

Lead Developer

About Me

Tim has been a member of the Denali team since 2001.

Tim has 25 years of experience in database development. He has implemented database solutions in many areas, including personnel management, visitor management, customer management, facilities security, conference scheduling, class scheduling and registration, appointment scheduling, management of scientific facilities and instruments, agricultural and scientific research, document management, printing production management, accounting, invoicing, statements and billing, order entry, accounts receivable, accounts payable, shipping and tracking, project management, task management, email promotions, image processing, library collections, and academic research.

Tim has 25 years of experience in programming with the 4th Dimension database development environment. This often includes communicating with Microsoft SQL Server via ODBC, and communicating with Oracle via the OCI API. I use C++ and C# (.NET) to develop custom plugins for 4D, console utility applications, and Outlook add-ins. Other database products he’s worked which include FileMaker and Access.

He also has 32 years experience with interfacing computers with many kinds of devices and data sources, to transfer data using numerous protocols. Other professional skills include technical writing and editing.

Early in his career, his experience includes 14 years in the graphic arts industry: typesetting, layout and design, airbrush illustration, photography, and darkroom.


  •  4D
  •  Microsoft SQL
  •  Oracle
  •  ODBC
  •  C++
  •  C#
  •  Filemaker
  •  Database

We  love what we do and it shows