If you think you need a marketing agency, you’re right.

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Marketing strategy for small and mid-size businesses is very different than it was 5, 10, 20 years ago. In today’s market, a small business needs to have a solid internet presence to compete with the mid to large companies. Unfortunately, small local companies who don’t keep up with their marketing efforts will quickly get left behind as the companies with deep pockets take over the internet with their targeted marketing campaigns.

Choosing how to spend your marketing dollars and determine if you need digital or inbound marketing services can seem daunting. You might be asking yourself these questions –

  • Do we put money into our website or do we print more flyers?
  • What about radio…does that still work?
  • Do we need a full marketing agency that provides turn-key solutions or do we need to just do more on our Facebook page?
  • What is SEO and do we really need it for the business?
  • Is a website necessary if we have a store on Main Street?

Do these questions sound familiar to you? If so, then keep reading! As a local Pleasanton company, we have been a trusted resource for many businesses in the Tri-Valley area for 20 years, and our goal is to help your business grow and be successful!

Signs you Need a Marketing Agency

  • You are the overworked owner/operator of your business, and you’d like to sleep at some point this week.
  • You need new leads, but have run out of ways to attract prospects.
  • You hear that you need to “increase traffic with SEO and SMM” and have no idea what those acronyms mean or why you need those services. Hint: SMM = Social Media Marketing. SEO = Search Engine Optimization.
  • You are the IT person, and all the sudden are in charge of social media because it seems like a “tech” thing to your boss.
  • You are the CEO of a mid-size company, and you don’t want to hire an entire web and marketing team.
  • Your current marketing efforts are not attracting your ideal client.
  • You have no clue who/what your competition is and even less of a clue as to how to compete with them.
  • Your employees’ strengths are in other areas, and they need to focus their time on doing what they were hired for, not on writing blogs or learning how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works.
  • Or is your marketing team just overloaded with work and you need support?

These are all signs you need a marketing agency, such as the Denali Agency in Pleasanton, California!

What Does a Marketing Agency Do?

marketingactivities.jpgMarketing agencies do a wide range of activities that build and distribute your brand (services and products) to your target audience. The cool thing is that each agency goes about it uniquely. Some firms concentrate on niches, handling content for specific types of companies. Others, like the Denali Agency, do everything for both direct marketing and digital/inbound marketing…creating brands, designing logos, creating marketing contentdeveloping websites and databases, and managing social media marketing and lead generation campaigns are just some of the activities agencies do to help your business earn more revenue! There isn’t much a marketing agency can’t do for your business if you find the right fit.

Why You Need to Hire the Denali Agency

1. Like every marketing agency, every business is different.

At the Denali Agency, we focus on your ideal client and build everything around their needs and your business goals to support those clients. So instead of throwing out a large net, we help you focus on those key ideal prospects and target your marketing dollars for a better return on investment.

We are HubSpot certified marketers who specialize in inbound marketing services. We are Google certified for SEO services.

2. We save you money. A lot of it.

In the long run, marketing agencies are going to save you money. You may have some sticker shock at first, but you’ll see your investment pay off in the long-run.

Not only will your investment pay off with the quality of work of a successful marketing agency, but you’re avoiding adding expensive employee costs. For example, in 2017, the average salary of a marketing director is $133,450. That’s a lot of money to add one person to your team. But who is going to do the creative graphics or write the blogs or analyze the SEO activities? Who is going to add landing pages to your website and setup the tools to track the leads? Guess what?! You need at least a designer, a developer, a project manager, a copy editor and an SEO guru. 

To hire the equivalent of our team, it would cost you at least $500,000 to over a million a year. You don’t need to pay workers comp, vacation and payroll taxes on a marketing agency either. We’ve got those all covered for our team members. You also won’t need to worry about costly employee health benefits, a blessing in this tumultuous health care time. There will be no need to bid higher salaries to get the best employee or make more room in your office.

With a “one-stop-shop” local business, such as the Denali Agency, you get all those experts and more for a fraction of the cost of hiring employees. With our marketing agency in Pleasanton, California, you get a whole team of specialists who are experts in their specific service.

3. An outside perspective

icon_3.pngWhen was the last time you had a fresh set of eyes on your marketing plan and materials? The kind that gives you honest feedback? Or challenge your assumptions?

Having an evolving marketing plan is essential to keeping your customers engaged. Once you post the same content or theme a few times, their eyes will glaze over.

Do you like throwing away money? We doubt it. But you might be doing that with your current marketing efforts. Do you have the technology and skill to know if your ads are working? Marketing agencies do. The programs themselves are expensive and sometimes one is all a small company can afford. Marketing agencies can use an arsenal of these applications to help your company. You’ll be able to profit from having more resources at your fingertips, without the cost.

If you didn’t know this already, SEO strategy requires constantly posting new content and pages. That is a lot of marketing material for one small team to create. A marketing agency can help with this, creating content for each platform.

4. Niche Specific Help

When you’re hiring a marketing agency in California, Alaska, New York or anywhere else, niche knowledge is a must. Hiring a company with no experience in your niche could even hurt your business. Every business has a different audience. Depending on the niche, what works with a more generalized audience, won’t work within the specialized one.

Marketing agencies use their niche knowledge and analytics programs to make sure you’re not repelling potential customers. They help you maximize your exposure to the right people, not just to any people. The more you work with Denali Agency, the more specific your marketing will become.

So Do You Need a Marketing Agency and Is it Worth It?


If you’d like to see more successful advertising, without hiring another employee then getting a marketing agency is absolutely worth it. Giving your marketing tasks to the experts will leave you with better products and more efficient in-house employees who aren’t wasting their time trying to learn SEO, web development or how social media ads really work.

We offer a complimentary consultation to better understand your business goals and your marketing needs.

If you own a business, manage a business or work for a business in Pleasanton or the Tri-Valley and you are in need of a marketing agency, schedule a time to drop by our office on First Street, we’d love to meet you and build a relationship with your team. If you are out of our area or would rather just give us a call, please do!

We can’t wait to see how we can help you!