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Denali Data Systems, a digital marketing agency was founded in 1997. We are a woman-owned, California Corporation. Stacey Blaney, our CEO started the company with our first contract at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, where we still maintain contracts today.

Stacey was born in Alaska and lived there for over 20 years prior to moving to California. Mt. McKinley, in Denali National Park was visible from both Fairbanks where she was born and Anchorage where she lived. “I used to see Mt. McKinley on my drive to work most days and it always impressed me that it could be seen so clearly between two cities that were hundreds of miles away from each other. It always made me happy to live in such a lovely place.”

With a desire to stay connected to her roots, Stacey named her company “Denali.” Today, as we evolve into a full-service agency, she chose to keep the same name.

We offer a complimentary consultation to analyze your challenges and recommend a path forward.

Digital Marketing Agency

We’re a full service, one-stop-shop agency providing all the resources you need to succeed.

Forward Thinking

Through innovation and strategic planning, our team is your partner to accomplish your vision.

Problem Solvers

Through experience and creativity, we have what it takes to take on any type of project. We love a challenge!

Customer Support

Need technical support or advice? Our team is here to serve. We go the extra mile, every time.

Stacey Blaney

Stacey Blaney


Stacey Blaney is a dynamic, results-oriented executive with leadership, cutting-edge technology and solutions experience.

Toni Danette Wright

Toni Danette Wright

Operations Manager / Project Manager

Toni Danette Wright is a seasoned operations manager and project management expert with more than 20 years experience. 

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