Application Modernization

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With old and difficult-to-maintain systems becoming more obsolete and experiencing underperformance, you open yourself to cybersecurity risks. Application modernization helps you minimize the resources you need to run an application, increase innovation, improve customer experience, and reduce security issues. At Denali, we work with you to transform your existing applications to modern programming techniques and frameworks, driving better business performance, reducing downtime costs, increasing security, and improving the customer experience.


Modify your existing applications into a set of services that can be deployed and managed separately, giving you more control and the ability to lower overall costs.

Cloud Migration & Rehosting

Migrate your application’s fundamental resources to a cloud-based infrastructure from an on-premise data center, saving resources, reducing costs, and providing you with both security and a disaster-recovery solution.

Security Risk Reduction

Reduce security and operational risks by upgrading outdated applications with our technical expertise and strategic approach built on a common application framework that includes standard security features, enabling a one-time build and extension to all applications connected via APIs.


Speed up innovation and lower overall operating expenses by rebuilding your applications as a cloud-native application.

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