Medical device and healthcare organizations require operational management systems and applications that function on a two-way street: capturing and managing incoming information and providing tools to connect with both providers and patients. Relying on outdated technology can bring systems and workflow to a standstill, causing delays and limiting the ability to provide timely information and a positive experience. New technologies are needed, but out-of-the-box programs and solutions may not provide the ongoing support and education your business needs.

Our Expertise

For over 30 years, Denali Data Systems has provided customized, innovative solutions and services to provider, payer, and life sciences clients. Our collaborative approach builds trusted partnerships and helps us solve the most critical digital and business challenges, including designing custom:

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Denali works as an extension of your team, designing and developing safe and secure application solutions to meet your business needs in a collaborative, communicative environment. Our team of development experts and systems analysts partners with your team at every stage of the process to ensure your project meets your expectations.

Discover how you can upgrade your systems within budget, on your timeline and terms, and without straining internal resources.

Case Study

Monitor with Visby Medical website


Visby Medical, Inc. needed guidance to develop a more robust patient interface to improve communication and ensure patient safety and satisfaction in a COVID-19 pandemic situation.


Visby engaged Denali to develop and launch a new website to provide information about the company’s products (instrument-free PCR tests), patient testimonials, news items and press releases. Denali used Gatsby.js (a React-based open-source framework) within a WordPress environment to deliver on these needs within just a few months. Understanding the need for immediate screening upon building entry, Denali also created a kiosk application (React-native) so Visby could quickly identify a visitor by scanning their driver’s license to then print a barcode for the COVID-19 test. Read more about our kiosk solution here.

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